Wooden Spokeshaves 

James Mursell’s wooden spokeshaves are now for sale via his main website www.thewindsorworkshop.co.uk

The Low-angled wooden spokeshave is a superlative tools for shaping wood and is virtually essential for the making of Windsor chairs. The medium shave is ideal for the rapid removal of wood, while the small spoke shave is suitable for finer work and for accurately sizing round tenons as in Windsor chair making. These tools will work directly out of the box and should last a lifetime under normal use.

Professional Windsor chair maker James Mursell makes these wooden spokeshaves individually. He developed the designs through trial and error and constant use  in his workshop. These tools are designed for optimum performance and pleasure of use, and are not mass-produced tools made to a price.

Key features of these wooden spokeshaves

  • Hard maple wooden bodies ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in the hand medium and small spokeshaves while pushing and pulling.
  • No compromise high-carbon tool steel blades from Ron Hock (US) and Ben Orford (UK).
  • Unique body shapes eject shavings through the top of the tool leaving the back surface entire. This allows the blade to be supported along its whole length, reducing chatter and providing the ideal position for the tool to be pushed, directly behind the cutting edge.
  • Precision adjustment: The bodies are cnc machined to accept the blades and their depth can be adjusted by screwing in and out grub screws that pass directly through the body. Micro-adjustment is easily made, without the need to remove the blade, to achieve the perfect setting.
  • Heavy brass wear plates: Each spokeshave is fitted with a heavy brass wear plate in front of the blade. Under normal use the spokeshave will last a lifetime.
  • Travisher: A specialist curved wooden spokeshave for hollowing wood and in particular Windsor chair seats. As with the more conventional straight-bladed shaves the body makes the tool very comfortable to use. This tool will both remove stock quickly and with no change of setting be capable of creating a remarkably smooth surface.
  • Kits: All the tools featured on this site can be purchased either ready-to-use or as kits from thewindsorworkshop.co.uk. The blades are of exactly the same quality as the completed tools. The hard maple blanks are CNC machined and are supplied with the blades already fitted, leaving the purchaser to shape the rest of the body. The kits offer a significant cost saving and the satisfaction of making your own tool.

The Medium Wooden Spokeshave

The Small Wooden Spokeshave Kit

Wooden spokeshaves have been in use for centuries. First developed by wheelwrights to shape the spokes of wheels these versatile tools are useful in most branches of woodworking. These tools are special because the blade is held at a low angle allowing it to slice easily through wood in the same way as a low-angle block plane. The blades also have a longer cutting edge than most metal spokeshaves, meaning a longer time between sharpening.

Wooden spokeshaves can be made to any size that will fit in the hands. However the small and medium shaves on offer on this site will satisfy almost all needs for detailed work and stock removal.